An Investigation of the Complex Interrelated Issues Associated with Generating Automotive Fuels From Lignocellulosic Biomass


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Education and Outreach:
Future Fuels from Forests
Joan Chadde,  Institute Coordinator;
Western U.P. Center for Science, Math & Environmental Education

Educational Web Modules:
These tools were developed for educators and the public to increase literacy about sustainable transportation methods.

The Sustainable Futures Institute:
Expanded inclusion of sustainable development education in undergraduate and graduate curriculums at MTU include:

Future Fuels From Forests Teacher Institute:
Educators work with an interdisciplinary research team to investigate forest-based ethanol production from the perspectives of ecological economics, spatial statistics, conservation biology, forest and landscape ecology, silviculture, and chemical engineering. Teachers receive course credit and can apply it towards their Michigan Professional Certificate.

High School Future Fuels Field Trips
This hands-on program fosters greater understanding of complex scientific and societal issues and engage students (and teachers) in scientific discovery and problem-solving in ways that are not possible in typical classroom instruction. Sessions include: (1) Biofuels in the Gas Tank? What Does It Take to Develop a Forest-based Fuel? (2) Ethanol Production: From Cellulosic Biomass to Liquid Fuel: (3) Forest Management: Evaluate Impacts of Biofuel Production on Avian Biodiversity; (4) Impacts on Forest Ecosystem Productivity; (5) From Forest to Processing Plant.


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