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Joel Hockin in Dr. Joshi's molecular biology lab at MTU.

Transformed bacteria showing the glowing phenotype (bottom left) and non-transformed bacteria in the pGlo lab.
















Biofuel Genetic Optimization and the Engineers’ Role

Teacher Infomation:Joel Hockin

Romulus High School: Biology, Physics, ACT Prep


Unit Overview:This unit begins by introducing engineering and biofuels. Students then perform two labs. In the first lab they will investigate germination effeciency of switchgrass at different temperatures. In the second lab they will transform bacteria, introducing a glowing gene.

Target Grade Level: High School Science

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Lesson Plans:
Lesson One: Engineering and Biofuel Introduction

Students will begin by investigating various sources for biofuel production including an analysis of the cost effectiveness.  Next, the students will share their findings with the class through a PowerPoint presentation and informational brochure.

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Lesson Two:  Switchgrass Germination Lab

The lesson will involve Switchgrass Germination using various sub species and determining their germination efficiency at varying temperatures. Adapted from the Boyce Thompson Institute Education Program http://bti.cornell.edu/.

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Lesson Three: Bio-Rad pGlo Bacterial Transformation Lab

Students will be presented with a background knowledge of bacterial transformation and then proceed to conduct an experiment to transform E. coli using a phorescent gene from a jellyfish.  They will be conducting the lab using specific advanced laboratory techniques that is used in current Bio-Tech research with the emphasis placed on biofuel source optimization.

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