Center for Environmentally Benign Functional Materials

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Emulsions Book

Emulsion-Based F-R Retrograde-Precipitation Polymerization

This monograph is a follow-up to the first FRRPP book by Gerard Caneba. Conceptual topics include the application of the quantitative analysis presented in the first FRRPP monograph for the occurrence of the FRRPP process to the polystyrene-styrene-ether (PS-S-Ether) and poly(methacrylic acid)-metha more

Oil Help

From Oil Spills to Toxic Waste: the Polymer Solution

Last October, a containment dam belonging to a Hungarian alumina manufacturer collapsed after heavy rains, releasing 200 million gallons of caustic sludge. Eight people died in the flood of lye-like red mud, which overwhelmed nearby towns and created an environmental catastrophe. In the aftermath, authorities followed standard more


On Going Research Projects in the CEBFM Laboratory

The central theme of our research work is the so-called free-radical retrograde-precipitation polymerization (FRRPP) process, and its underlying concepts of phase equilibria, transport phenomena, polymerization kinetics and processes, and nanoscale chemical engineering phenomena.  Details of current research activities can be seen here.