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Susan T. Bagley
Professor - Microbiology, Microbial Biochemistry and Genetics
  • Research Interests: Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Toxicology, Bioremediation [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Ezra Bar-Ziv
Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  • Research Interests: Combustion and dynamics of single particles, Combustion and pyrolysis [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Brian D. Barkdoll
Associate Professor - Environmental Water Resources
  • Research Interests: Sedimentation, scour, oxygen transfer, clay permeability, vortices, acoustics, stream restoration, dams and reservoirs, intakes, water distribution systems, international development, and environmental sustainability. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Mary Ann Beckwith
Visual and Performing Arts [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Susanne Beske-Diehl
Professor of Geophysics Geological& Mining Engineering & Sciences
  • Research Interests: Use of rock magnetic properties to identify volcanic ash and as indicators of atmospheric fractionation; rock magnetic properties as an indicator of environmental change with special interest in Lake Superior; effect of alteration on the magnetization of basalts; magnetostratigraphy of the Pliocene sediments in Anza-Borrego State Park, California; paleomagnetism and polar wander for North America at about 1.1 Ga concentrating on Keweenawan rocks. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Leonard J Bohmann
Associate Dean of Engineering, Associate Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Research Interests: Electric power systems analysis, Computer analysis and simulation of power systems, Utility applications of power electronics (HVDC, SVC, FACTS), Power system dynamics, Power quality, Power system transients. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Kristine Bradof
Coordinator Center for Science and Environmental Outreach [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

William Breffle
Associate Professor of Natural Resource Economics - School of Business and Economics
  • Research Interests: Latent-class modeling; optimal design of conjoint choice experiments; the economics of outdoor recreation; restoration of fishing and other ecological services impaired by releases of contaminants; estimating willingness to pay to avoid marginal changes in the risk of mortality from different illnesses and motor vehicle accidents. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Colin Brooks
Research Scientist Manager of Environmental Science Laboratory Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI) [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Laura E. Brown
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  • Research Interests: Algorithms for learning the structure of Bayesian networks, Local causal discovery methods for identification of parents and children or Markov Blankets, Methods for variable selection on high-dimensional data sets [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Judith R. Budd
Research Associate Professor Limnology and Remote Sensing
  • Research Interests: Episodic Events-Great Lakes Experiment focuses on the transport of biological, chemical and geological materials along the coast of the Great Lakes, and what processes effect this transport. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Andy Burton
Professor, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  • Research Interests: Forest responses to global change factors, Belowground processes, Carbon and nutrient cycling, Physiological ecology of tree roots, Undergraduate involvement in research [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page



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