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Participating Faculty & Staff
Computer Science & Engineering
Leonard J Bohmann
Associate Dean of Engineering, Associate Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Research Interests: Electric power systems analysis, Computer analysis and simulation of power systems, Utility applications of power electronics (HVDC, SVC, FACTS), Power system dynamics, Power quality, Power system transients. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Laura E. Brown
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  • Research Interests: Algorithms for learning the structure of Bayesian networks, Local causal discovery methods for identification of parents and children or Markov Blankets, Methods for variable selection on high-dimensional data sets [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Yu Cai
Assistant Professor - School of Technology
  • Research Interests: Sustainable computing (green computing) [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Phillip R. Merkey
Assistant Professor - Mathematical Sciences
  • Research Interests: Discrete Math, Computational support for Discrete Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Joshua Pearce
Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Research Interests: Photovoltaic Materials and Electronic Device Physics of Solar Photovoltaic Cells: Gallium nitride (GaN) and indium gallium nitride (InGaN), Hydrogenated amorphous and nanocrystalline silicon (a-Si:H, nc-Si:H); Applied Sustainability and Green Engineering: Solar energy, Sustainable development [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Wayne D. Pennington
Department Chair and Professor of Geophysical Engineering
  • Research Interests: properties of rocks under varying conditions of saturation, stress, and heterogeneity, oil and gas exploration and development, seismic petrophysics -- relating rock properties to seismic observations, earthquake seismology, particularly induced seismicity, and teaching seismology in K-12 schools, administrator of the SPOT Lab (seismic petrophysics: observation and theory, administrator of large application software provided by Schlumberger- GeoQuest, Mercury International Technologies, Andrews Scott Pickford, and Flagship Geosciences [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page

Wenjun Ying
Assistant Professor - Mathematical Sciences
  • Research Interests: Scientific computing, modeling/simulation and numerical methods for mathematical problems arising from science and engineering applications, such as mathematical biology, computational electro-physiology and computational fluid dynamics. My current specific research interests are focused on adaptive and multiscale algorithms for modeling cardiac dynamics. A few other numerical methods (other than those covered by my thesis work) that I have made intensive studies are Cartesian grid methods for elliptic boundary/interface problems, boundary integral methods accelerated by fast multipole algorithms, and composite backward differentiation formulas (CBDFs) for initial value problems. [e-mail]   ||   Academic Web Page



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